Canada’s National Ballet School

Canada’s National Ballet School, located at 400 Jarvis Street, is a wonderful collaboration of historical and new, state-of-the-art buildings.  After the school was created in 1959 by Celia France and Betty Oliphant, it became established quite quickly and soon was exceeding its original quarters on Maitland Street.  Since then the school began expanding its property.  Now, the National Ballet School’s front to Jarvis Street consists of the historical Margaret McCain Academic Building which was once Havergal Ladies’ College, Northfield House, originally built for Sir Oliver Mowat in 1856, as well as a modern complex completed in 2005.  All of this is backed by two student residence towers.  While the Margaret McCain Academic Building is situated south of the complex, Northfield House sits front and centre with the new Celia France Centre wrapping around its sides and back.  Where the Northfield House and Celia France Centre attach, is where the heart of the school lies, otherwise known as the Town Square.  It is the three story space which houses history and prospect, structure and elegance.  It embodies the attitude the school has towards it program, which is also mirrored within its buildings.  Canada’s National Ballet School demonstrates the balance between innovation and tradition through dance, as their structures alike interact with heritage and contemporary elements.

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